Goodbye WhatsApp!

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After goodbye to Facebook, it's now time to say goodbye to WhatsApp.

Make small businesses stand up gain

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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented health crisis with often tragic consequences and disrupted every aspect of social and business activity globally, putting the worldwide economic activity under stress.

My photo log of 30 days running in Japan.

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I posted every walking/running log of my past 30 days since I am in Japan. Because I thought it might just help some of you to get out of bed and go for a walk or run Or do whatever exercise you like.

God lives peacefully in Japan!

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I think Indian Gods must be feeling envious about their counterparts in Japan?

Failing in business is no shame

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When some entrepreneur takes his life due to professional reasons, it means we as a state and society failed to create a safe environment of exit. Failure is not shame or crime.

My 6 practical tips to try before you jump into entrepreneurship.

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Is entrepreneurship right for me? Yes, if you try these, my self tested six simple (but important) things before you start your entrepreneurship journey.

5 Important advice to aspiring millennial entrepreneurs.

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Today, many millennials move out of college and begin their entrepreneurial journey, pumped up with "Instagram" motivational quotes and reading stories of unicorns of the world.

Only positive attitudes that matters.

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"Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will." Zig Ziglar

No university degree; no worries still you can get the job you like.

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How will I get the job when I don’t have the university degree required for it? This was the question asked by 23 years old girl, studying Japanese language in Fukuoka, Japan. Here is my answer to her...

Unboxing 2018

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Are New Year resolutions a product of our dissatisfaction with the way we are or things are around us? Anyway here are few which I think I will try to get them in 2018.