On Meaningful Work.

Posted on 09 Dec 2021 21:59 in Personal
by Siddharth Deshmukh

The way to work without regrets is to pursue projects or things that'll have been worth your time, even if they don't become a grand success. Projects that will intrigue your curiosity, test your abilities, and teach you something new regardless of where they end up. A project that helps you learn and become a better person, regardless of whether it may or may not be commercially or critically successful. It's impossible to waste time when working on projects like this.


For me, commercial success doesn't matter the most, but the purpose and positive impact of the projects do. Can initiatives or projects I take up create enough positive impact on the community? 


My nightmare is devoting years of my life to something that fails and then feels like it was all for nothing. That's how life slips through your hands. That's how you transition from your twenties to your thirties to your forties, cursing what you missed along the way.


Co-founding the Indo-Japan Business Council is such a project for me. It must be different for the other founders, who eventually left because they thought it would be a spectacular commercial success. But the fact is that we created a wonderful platform for meaningful communication and collaboration. It will become a platform to bring the Indo-Japanese community together to exchange thoughts, innovations, and growth in the years to come. 


It will take time; it's a slow and arduous path, but it motivates me to get up every day, learn something new and helps me keep going, even in my commercial venture, Shimbi Labs.


When you search for activities that will be worthwhile even if they don't work out, you know you'll be fueling the fires of intrinsic motivation. Make use of the flow's enchantment. Look back with pleasure on a good day's work, even if you're not finished yet.


That's a work of meaning.


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