Only positive attitudes that matters.

Posted on 07 Jul 2018 03:00 in Personal
by Siddharth Deshmukh

"Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will." Zig Ziglar

Since morning it is raining all over Japan. They said its most significant amount of rain in recent years. It's raining between 300 to 400 millimetres in a different part of Japan.


Due to heavy rain, the Japanese Meteorological Agency has issued emergency warnings for many parts of Japan including Fukuoka, where I am now. The agency says severe disasters could occur.


But I am positive, rain around my home is less as compared to other areas. I think we will not have to evacuate tonight. But we are alert and keeping watch on any announcements. 


In such a situation, only two things you can do, stay alert and keep a positive attitude. Becuase only positive attitude that matters in such situation. 


In life, if you need something positive to happen to you, stay positive. Becuase by staying positive, you can reduce the pain of hardship to achieve any results.


Look at this conversation -

“Preacher, can I smoke while I'm praying?" 
Answer: no. 
"Preacher, can I pray while I'm smoking?" 
Answer: Of course you can. 


Need positive results? It's how you ask the question. 
Positivity breeds positivity – in most circumstances, positively asking a question generates a better response.


"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results." Willie Nelson.


We launched our three products Budo - website builder, Shimbi Invoice - Online Invoicing App and Nijin - Online Store Builder to provide consumers with better alternatives to existing options. But we didn’t do so by asking “Are you sick of the competition?” Instead, we asked, “Are you ready for smart software?” Rather than focusing on everything that our competitors weren’t doing, or were doing poorly, we highlighted our unique offering and asked potential customers what it is they loved and looked forward to in software for there business.


Positive thinking is an incredibly powerful tool. Simply put: positive, proactive behaviour spurs positive, proactive behaviour.


It’s no coincidence that most of the world’s biggest influencers and most successful people are positive people. People who think positively usually see endless possibilities and empower others to feel the same, and in turn move the world forward.


"Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviour. Keep your behaviour positive because your behaviour becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny." M K Gandhi


Positive people don’t just have a good day; they make it a good day. I aim for positivity by wearing a positive attitude; looking for opportunities to see the good in the world; approaching problems proactively; while talking phrasing my comments and conversations to reflect positive outcomes, and keeping myself open to ideas. 


Your attitude determines the state of the world you live in. It is the foundation for every success and every failure you have had and will have.


Your attitude controls your life. But the good news is, you can control your attitude.


Your attitude decides the way you see and feel about people and situations. Your actions are a result of your attitude, which in turn creates a reaction from others.


I know it sounds simple, but, it is true.


So, where do negative attitudes come from?


Negative attitudes come from thinking negative over and over until they become part of your subconscious, part of your personality. You may not even realise you have a negative attitude because it’s been with you for so long. Once you have a bad attitude, you expect failure and disaster and blame others for it.


So, how do you shift your thoughts and create a positive attitude?


A positive attitude is never by default. You have to work at it! But creating anything of value takes work.


The first thing you want to start doing is analysing every thought and watch for negative thoughts, as soon as they come to you, replace them with positive thoughts until positive thinking becomes a habit. Its like you’re merely replacing an old habit with a healthy habit, much like replacing smoking or drinking with exercise. You can’t just stop being negative—you have to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.


Some people would say, “But negative situations are a reality. They just show up in everyday life.”


Many times situations are adverse and beyond control, and it is a reality, yes. They do show up, yes. It is your attitude that makes an outcome positive or negative. For example, in the begging of this article, I stated that we are not sure if we need to evacuate the place tonight due to flooding. Can I stop rain or flood? Can I change the situation? No, I can't. But What I can do is stay alert, keep myself ready to face the situation, and stay positive. Becuase of this attitude instead of worrying I am writing!


We all continually faced with challenges, difficulties and temporary setbacks. They are an unavoidable and inevitable part of life. But by learning how to respond challenges with a positive attitude will grow as a person and start moving forward in life.


Take control of your attitude, your state of mind, and you take control of your results.


So be positive, if you display a positive outlook, you will see that people will gravitate towards you, and go out of their way to help you succeed.


Let me know what you fill about this article, and if you like it share, sharing is caring, be positive, spread positive vibes.


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