Pigeon Family - The story of trust, care and life!

Posted on 22 Dec 2015 17:30 in Personal

Here is the story of Pigeon Family, their trust, our care and new life that shaped in ShimBi Labs hanging garden.

For last month or so I shared with you updates on a Pigeon couple and their newborn, I thought of bringing all updates together and write a short story that took placed in hanging garden outside of my office window.


On 27th October 2015 morning I saw this pigeon seating outside of my office window in one of the plant pot. I just said good morning and moved on to my work, but when I saw her seating at the same place even after our lunch time I was curious.



The reason I love my office window; today's guest @shimbilabs pic.twitter.com/BbUTt5gKhq

— Siddharth Deshmukh (@siddhud) October 27, 2015


Next day when I arrived office, I saw her again at the same location! Later in a day, I found an egg lied down! Wow, it was an incredible feeling. It was a sign of bird trusting us. Being so close to us she decided to make that plant pot home to start a new life.



So today we discovered that pigeon decided to lie egg out side window @shimbilabs pic.twitter.com/pD53rE4K0e

— Siddharth Deshmukh (@siddhud) October 28, 2015


I immediately decided to support the pigeon couple's decision and allow them to use our space to start a new life. Same was informed to office admin staff and everyone else to ensure full protection, care and privacy.



Good morning, finally she is here. Please welcome our new member @shimbilabs pic.twitter.com/bJewb0g0kN

— Siddharth Deshmukh (@siddhud) November 18, 2015


Exactly after 21 days when we return from Diwali holidays, we found newborn!  (It was 18th October 2015) Congratulation! We all celebrated new life, next three weeks we saw care by pigeon couple for their infant and growth of life! It was so fascinating to see all this happening so close to us.



Young baby grown up healthy at @shimbilabs and soon she will start flying to explore the world pic.twitter.com/7CFsOl7rVi

— Siddharth Deshmukh (@siddhud) December 2, 2015



Update on our guests mother and grown up baby! Soon this grownup will explore the skies! #WeDoCare @shimbilabs pic.twitter.com/6yKeo2hJrI

— Siddharth Deshmukh (@siddhud) December 9, 2015


Finally, a day comes on 10th December 2015 it was time for our new guest to fly the nest and start his new life, explore the skies! We hope he will return someday and start his family! Life goes on.



Here is final update of this #story our guest decide to leave @shimbilabs to explore skies. We wish her joyful life. pic.twitter.com/KY4p7GZ6Jf

— Siddharth Deshmukh (@siddhud) December 10, 2015


I think at ShimBi Labs also we can relate all our projects to newborn, we plan the birth of each project and take maximum possible care until it complete and start producing desired results to change life for better of its users!


We care, we love new life!

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