The Atlanta Hotel - Here Is What I Learned During My Stay At This Hotel

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When a company is clear about its purpose, the outside world comes knocking at its door with opportunities. Define purpose for your #startup

Just back from my South East Asia Business Tour. During this trip, I was in Bangkok to attend Echelon 2017 conference and stayed at The Atlanta Hotel, Bangkok.


The hotel was suggested by my French friend and founder of a software company and long term residence (15 + years) of Chiang Mai, Thailand. He was also staying in the same hotel in Bangkok.


The Atlanta is a historic hotel and run on conservative principles and fosters traditional values. 


Situated on So 2, Sukhumvit Road, which is right in front of famous Soi Nana or Soi 4, famous for Nana Plaza (Nana Entertainment Plaza) a three-story red-light district building in Bangkok. The hotel is a contrast to its location and runs on its core values and traditions.


How do they do this?

1. The Atlanta is run on conservative principles and fosters traditional values. The  Atlanta caters to respectable single, families, and couples.


First fold on The Atlanta Hotel website


2. To trouble makers or unwanted people at par, they set very simple yet effective website with clear message -

  • No Sex tourists welcome
  • No trouble makers and drugs users
  • No smoking on entire hotel premise
  • But Families are welcome
  • Even pets are also welcome

3. Further, hotel website has a detailed page with extra efforts to clarify their Hotel Policies for guests.

"The Atlanta does not hesitate to refuse rooms to persons unsuited to the prevailing ethos of The Atlanta – even if they have a confirmed reservation."

4. A budget hotel for lovers of good food and clean place to stay.

5. And Eco-aware Hotel & Restaurant 


Setting expectations


So once this is clear people know what to expect and where they are staying. Matching expectations and respecting them from both sides is so much important fro this place.


The hotel was established in 1952, and so many things have changed since then. Hundreds of new hotels, guest houses, and other accommodation options are available in Bangkok. And it seems the majority of hotels accepted the fact that Thailand is famous for sex tourism too and they seems to be ok to accept such guest.


So then how they get the business? 

1. Hotel Management decided to stick to their core values and beliefs of doing business.

2. Never compromise on the philosophy they believe.

3. Explain their core values and philosophy on every possible occasion on the website, at Hotel.

4. Reach out to those who believes in similar values as they do.

5. Provide best service, food and be polite.


The Atlanata Hotel Restaurent


It seems like above 5 points working for them. They have Hotel fans and followers who keep coming back and also bring their friends like I was introduced.


Interestingly they don't sell their rooms on or or similar; they even don't accept the online book. To book the room you need to call them or send them an email.


Swimming pool at Atlanta Hotel


Here is what I learned during my stay at this hotel.

  1. To run any business beyond decades, you need some driving principles and core values.
  2. You must believe in your core values and philosophy and make sure everyone working with you also believes in the same.
  3. Work culture is must not only to build a business but convince your customers that they are dealing with good people.
  4. Reach out to right people who also believe in what you believes in and they will be your fan and start following you.
  5. Don't build only product or service but create an ecosystem or fan base around them.
  6. When a company is clear about its purpose, the outside world comes knocking at its door with opportunities. Define purpose for your #startup


Staying at this timeworn, conservative hotel was wonderful. The best thing to offer is peace of mind!

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