Failing in business is no shame

Posted on 11 Aug 2019 17:45 in Startups
by Siddharth Deshmukh

When some entrepreneur takes his life due to professional reasons, it means we as a state and society failed to create a safe environment of exit. Failure is not shame or crime.

It's just over two weeks the shocking news of Cafe Coffee Day's founder Mr V. G. Siddhartha suicide news rock the nation. Especially in the startup world and the entrepreneur community.


It was a sad day, and millions of Coffee lovers from every corner of India and many from overseas mourn the death. For them, he was the person who brought the best cup of coffee in a relaxed place to spend some quality time. 


News brought some people to condemn the enforcement agencies, who increasingly go after loan defaulters without differentiating between genuine business failures and corrupt practices.


Others as always without much thinking labelled him a product of crony capitalism. The scene was the same on my EDP (Entrepreneur Development Program) WhatsApp group too.


Here is what I express -
(You may find some typos or grammatical mistake, typing on a mobile screen is always a problem for me.)




Good Morning!
Seems exciting and intense discussions going on.

Here is my 2 cent advice.

All me few minutes to type.
Give me uninterrupted few minutes. smiley

Entrepreneurs, your time is running out in the world when AI is impacting every quarter of life. 

Discussion over here is good, intense and logical. We should sure once a while engage in it. Reflect on it.

But mostly, nothing will change. 
Government, economy, political & religious opinion, international economy or recession nothing will change. 

(Interestingly all above topics were discussed in connection with the death of Mr V. G. Siddhartha)

Continue ...

The only possible change is either you are in business or out of business.

If you want to change any of the above or be the catalyst for change, then focus efforts on doing the best what you are doing. 

(You can change the things by ) Improving it and innovating it to impact at least 1000 people a year. 

The positive impact of change on 1000 people due to you will create a cascading effect on society you are surrounded.

CCD founder unfortunate dismissal is sad. But he changes the sense of coffee drinkers in India.

How about your business?

Most of us are just defocused and in search of issues around us. 

(We as entrepreneurs must remember) More problems, more business solutions. 

Are you entrepreneurs?
Then look for opportunities.

You are in India not in Cuba or North Korea.
(Terrible countries, where virtually the government is in business rather than entrepreneurs.)

Finally, it's all boil downs to what you are offering, how much you are impacting and influencing society, making positive changes to humanity.

All entrepreneurs names featured here done that so you are discussing them. (From Ratan Tata to Ambanies, From Narayan Murti to Vijay Mallia, everyone was discussed in chat.) 

Is anyone discussing you?
I want you to be influencers.

Your time is running out.
Be focused, build something that will bring positive change in at least 1000 peoples life.

I will end here with a quote. 

"The hope of the world lies in what one demands, not of others, but of oneself." - James Baldwin



Failing in business is no shame.
But when some entrepreneur takes his life due to professional reasons, it means we as a state and society failed to create a safe environment of exit. Failure is not shame or crime.


Friends being judgemental of others will not help you in the growth of your business. At the same time, the entrepreneur journey is too lonely; you must find a place where you should able to talk, everything and anything without being judged.


Share your entrepreneur journey.


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