Failing in business is no shame

Posted on 11-Aug-2019

When some entrepreneur takes his life due to professional reasons, it means we as a state and society failed to create a safe environment of exit. Failure is not shame or crime.

My 6 practical tips to try before you jump into entrepreneurship.

Posted on 15-Jun-2019

Is entrepreneurship right for me? Yes, if you try these, my self tested six simple (but important) things before you start your entrepreneurship journey.

5 Important advice to aspiring millennial entrepreneurs.

Posted on 05-Jun-2019

Today, many millennials move out of college and begin their entrepreneurial journey, pumped up with "Instagram" motivational quotes and reading stories of unicorns of the world.

These Top 3 Things Will Make Your Presentation Insanely Great Presentation

Posted on 20-Aug-2017

This blog is about how to deliver an insanely great presentation in front of any audience.

Do The Things Differently, You Can Change The World

Posted on 28-Mar-2015

At ShimBi Labs, sometimes we innovate but most of the time we do things differently with the hope to bring positive changes in the world around us.

Startups, Top 100 Questions Investors Will Ask You.

Posted on 15-Mar-2015

By anticipating the questions that VC may ask you and preparing for the same with thoughtful and reasonable answers will increase the chances of your startup getting funded.

Innovation is Saying No to 1,000 Things.

Posted on 26-Feb-2015

People need a good product with advanced capabilities and high usability, but you need to make that in a simple way. Customers love simplicity.