I just changed the way I use Twitter.

Posted on 17 Sep 2021 13:55 in Personal
by Siddharth Deshmukh


Early last month, I twitted -

Note and apology. If I unfollow you, it means I am adding you to “the most interesting people” #list. Just reorganizing the way I use #twitter.

Today I reduced it to 5 if not zero.
Maybe someday zero!


I just changed the way I use Twitter. I started using private lists to follow people. Why?


It reduces ads, no algorithms for suggestions (they are annoying) on your Twitter wall.

The list allows you to follow the same people but in a more organized way. 

One list for every mood or interest. So I am now in control of what I wish to read, not what Twitter wishes to show me. 

I can now add and remove people at an impulse without elating or hurting anyone. 

Reduce my endless and headless scrolling. I have a more productive time.

(Let’s accept social media makes all of us addicted at some point in time)


Few months back I said Goodbye to Facebook and WhatsApp!

And I am loving it!




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