Our Experiments With Productivity At Work

Posted on 30 May 2015 06:00 in ShimBi Labs

How everyone can be productive at ShimBi Labs, for that we innovate constantly. Here are our experiments with productivity & efficiency at ShimBi labs.

In my year opening keynote presentation inside the company, I announced that this year we will focus on increasing Productivity & Efficiency at ShimBi Labs. While we focus on productivity and efficiency, the first thing we want is to enjoy our work and what we are doing. Happiness is the ultimate goal at ShimBi Labs, profits will follow.

In my earlier blog, I wrote about how I am working on boosting my productivity by 4x. After that blog post, to increase my productivity and efficiency I worked on two more things. 

1. Let Them Schedule My Free Time
First I started using youcanbook.me a simple SaaS utility which use Google calendar to let people book your available time for meetings. I am now using a free trial subscription. Hope this app, will help me manage my public meetings and save my time. You can book my time for meeting here

Let them schedule my free time approach allowed me just to focus on my free time that I can spare with others and let the person figure out suitable time to him from my available schedule. I don't need to spend time on scheduling meeting anymore! In case due to some reason, I can not make it, I will just communicate that!

2. Working Holiday
The second thing I am going to do is stay away from office (not from work) for one week per month to do everything that I feel is more productive and necessary for personal and business growth. Sometimes it is good to disconnect yourself from daily routine and look from outside. It allows you to see many things invisible from inside. In June, I am planning to take working holiday from 17 to 24 June. 

So that was about me, but how everyone can be productive at ShimBi Labs, that we need to innovate constantly. Here are our experiments with productivity & efficiency at ShimBi labs.

1. Start Early & On Time
The first thing we have done since the first day at ShimBi Labs is to start working sharp at 9:30 am this allowed us to be productive in the first half of the day. In fact we are internally discussing if we should shift our work hours to 8 am to 5 pm from current 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. This will allow everyone to commute to office in relatively ease by avoiding morning and evening rush hour traffic. 

2. Open Work Schedule
Another thing we are discussing is about the schedule and target board, where everyone will manage their schedule and set target dates and update it. Everyone can see everything and for collaborative work they can adjust with each others schedule. This way everyone knows who is occupied and who is free.

This idea needs some more work; I will share it as we implement and iterate. 

3. Focused Work Hours
Last week, I was reading a blog post by Vitaliy, CEO and Founder of Finic, Inc How to Finish What You Start.

Vitaliy mentioned "In order to finish what you start, you need multiple hours of uninterrupted concentration. If I begin working on a problem and get interrupted in the middle, I lose my concentration and the probability that I will finish this problem decreases."

I think that is so true, I love his idea of focused, uninterrupted hours at work. And I decided to follow his idea to provide every employee uninterrupted 4 hours of time in which they can focus on a given problem and be sure nobody will interrupt them. In remaining 4 hours, they can do collaborative work with another team member.

We will continue our experiments with productivity & efficiency at ShimBi labs. If you are doing some interesting things at your workplace or in personal life to improve productivity and efficiency, please share with us in comment section bellow.

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