Today Something Happened!

Posted on 19-Jan-2017

Today somthing happened, it was unexpected, and I thought I should share with you.

Makar Sankranti & ShimBi Labs Transition

Posted on 15-Jan-2016

On 2016 Makar Sankranti, we hope ShimBi Labs will complete its transition from services based company to Software Product based company. Wish you all very happy and prosperous Makar Sankranti!

Our Experiments With Productivity At Work

Posted on 30-May-2015

How everyone can be productive at ShimBi Labs, for that we innovate constantly. Here are our experiments with productivity & efficiency at ShimBi labs.

Why We Build ShimBi CMS?

Posted on 04-Apr-2015

Our vision is to help small business to grow beyond their physical boundaries, provide them creative tool to express themselves, and build personal and professional brand.

How We Funded and Developed Our Products Through Services (Bootstrapping)

Posted on 21-Mar-2015

On the web, you will find many articles on bootstrapping. But today I would like to share with you how we developed our two products Budo and MyBilling through Bootstrapping.

Customer is not a product! (Our Product Philosophy)

Posted on 14-Mar-2015

What do we think about our products and customers at Shimbi Labs? Here is what we believe ...

“ShimBi Labs”, The Story Behind The Company Name

Posted on 25-Feb-2015

Here is a story behind the company name and thinking process behind the name “ShimBi Labs”, by founder.