My photo log of 30 days running in Japan.

Posted on 04 Jan 2020 14:00 in Personal
by Siddharth Deshmukh

I posted every walking/running log of my past 30 days since I am in Japan. Because I thought it might just help some of you to get out of bed and go for a walk or run Or do whatever exercise you like.

Check all 30 day photos on my IG wall


Today, I finished 30 days Walking/Running in Japan. I posted everyday photos on Instagram! I hope you enjoyed it and got some inspiration to get out of bed and go for a walk or run.


Japan is a very beautiful country to walk and run, but so as your surroundings too. Simply get up and go out in the morning and see its so beautiful and different morning every day. 



Something about my running.

I once tried going to the Gym, but it really did not suit me. Still, I continued for a year with some gaps. Finally, I decided to quit because it was not for me.


For me, any physical exercise is for fitness and never for bodybuilding. I love moderate training like yoga, walking, long-distance running, which is like gradually but steadily building your stamina. Exercise, for me, is communicating with the body, mind, and soul.


I love to be in nature than in close doors. So I started walking and running. In 2018 I posted my challenge -


"I have committed myself to a 1000 Km coverage by running in 365 days. I'd encourage each and all to follow suit!"


Many people said to me its easy challenge to run 1000 KM in 365 days. It is just 2.74 KM per day. But they miss the point; it was not how many Km per day, but the challenge was each day of the year, includes Sundays and holidays. I am at home or traveling around. Its day or night.


Consistency is a challenge. Not giving up is a challenge. 

These two qualities also make you a successful person in whatever you are doing in your life.


Honestly, I couldn't complete it. I took a few breaks. I ran for a total of 305 days and 950 Km in 2018. It gave me confidence that I can improve my consistency, and I need to focus more. Since then, I made it a point I run or walk every day.


Some form of exercise is essential for all, but it's a must for entrepreneurs to ensure to take out some time for self-growth, health, and healing your mind and body.


I don't need to write much about this topic as you can find lots of useful information on it around you.


I post every walking/running log of my past 30 days since I am in Japan because I thought it might just help some of you to get out of bed and go for a walk or run. Or do whatever exercise you like.


You can find all the 30 days' photos here.


Walk and run will continue, and I will occasionally post photos too.
Please share your walking, running, or any other activity experience that you started and continued in the comment section below.




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