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Posted on 19 Jan 2017 22:47 in ShimBi Labs

Today somthing happened, it was unexpected, and I thought I should share with you.

Today somthing happened, it was unexpected, and I thought I should share with you.


Today we had a Working Holiday at ShimBi Labs. This is a day when we take off from our routine work and reflect on our work such as the various difficulties we face, try to resolve them or/and learn something new. We do several brainstorming sessions, and we also take break to go out and have fun!


Today during our open house session, I casually asked, "What should we do?" and in response received an unexpected answer from Rakhi (Our Sr. Engineer) "Meditation!". I was surprised but continued with the moment and found myself agreeing with a "Let's do it" and just like that, everyone was ready!


For the next 3 minutes, we were doing our first session of meditation at ShimBi Labs!


Why was so surprised you ask? Because there was no such discussion at all. While I practice meditation everyday- morning and evening, it never struck me to have the idea discussed with anyone at the office.


At the time I was reading a book titled "Mindful Work" by David Gelles on how meditation was changing the business world from the inside out and the book inspired me to sincerely start meditation practice at ShimBi Labs. Only I was not sure how to, or whether everyone would be ready for it.


On this background, the initiative by Rakhi and the support from everyone was such a pleasant surprise. Thank you, Rakhi!


Maybe we at ShimBi Labs started to know each other better, to share our core values.


About Meditation and Mindfulness 
According to David Gelles across industries, there is an elite subculture of accomplished professionals who are discovering the power of mindfulness through meditation. They are becoming more effective and more focused and getting better at their jobs. 


Mindfulness means being aware of our experiences, observing them without judgment, and responding from a place of clarity and compassion, rather than fear, insecurity, or greed. 


Scientific studies show that mindfulness through meditation strengthens our immune systems, bolsters our concentrative powers, and rewires our brains.  


I must admit how glad I am that today we decided to embrace meditation and to be mindful both at work and at home!  

I would love to hear your experiences about meditation and about being mindful, in the comment section.

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