Why We Build ShimBi CMS?

Posted on 04 Apr 2015 06:00 in ShimBi Labs

Our vision is to help small business to grow beyond their physical boundaries, provide them creative tool to express themselves, and build personal and professional brand.

Today I will share a story behind one of our core products ShimBi CMS.

In 2005, when ShimBi Labs started its operation from my drawing room, we designed our first official website www.shimbi.in using HTML (Unfortunately, we don't have a backup of it.).
Website was colourful and simple to navigate; we used some flash animation (Flash was popular then!). I was updating it on a regular basis. However, the website built in static HTML needed more time and effort for update. Well, as long as the frequency of updates were up to one or two per month on portfolio page, it was okay. 

By 2006 January, things got busy at our end. Customer's projects occupied our web designers, and my co-founder and I got busy in acquiring new customers, then slowly ShimBi Labs website left untouched. On one weekend, the fact of not updating my website struck my heart. We, the company that aimed to help other businesses to get their websites, were not able to maintain our website regularly. I was upset.

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